Learning and teaching process is a dynamic cycle which feeds each other. For this cycle to be efficient, the existing informations and the personal experiences must be shared in the right way.

Rhinology and surgery, covers all the problems related to functional and esthetic nose surgery.
( nose esthetics, septum and concha surgery, nasal valve surgery, treatment of septum perforation, endoscopic sinus surgery etc.). All this subjects will be discussed in details in the chain of meetings when the time comes.

The aim of the training programme of “Rhinoplasty Philosophy and Live Surgery” is to ensure the understanding of the basic philosophy underlying technics by simplifying the complexity in rhinoplasty. At the education programme, the basics of the right approach in rhinoplasty with young surgeons, current informations, controversial issues and advanced technics will be reviewed with the experienced surgeons. The Rhinoplasty Philosophy will be discussed on the cases with live surgeries and accompanied by surgical videos.

Some questions are valuable than the answers; due to this reason, the meeting is planned as an interactive discussion aiming to increase the efficiency in information exchange. We believe that our perspective for rhinoplasty will be developed at the training programme by finding replies to the questions and arising new ones in the minds of the of the participants.

 Dr. Taşkın Yücel –  Dr. Eren Taştan